Do you suffer from food sensitivities?

Common symptoms

Do you have chronic adverse symptoms? Your food could be the culprit. Food sensitivities manifest in a wide range of symptoms from headaches and stomach pain to debilitating migraines and IBS.

Find the answers

Food sensitivities are dose related and have a delayed response (as long as 72 hours). The best way to determine your sensitivities and eliminate the guess work is to get the MRT food sensitivity blood test.

Improve your health

Using your test results we create an elimination diet that removes your trigger foods. By eating foods that your body agrees with we can turn your symptoms around and improve your overall health.

How does virtual counseling work?


Choose from our available services or contact us for a FREE 15-minute assessment to see what is best for you! You will receive a confirmation email after your order is placed. If you require lab test the kit will be shipped out within the next business day.

Blood Test

If a blood test is required, instructions will be emailed with directions on how and where to complete the test in your area. All tests are to be mailed back to the lab in the pre-paid shipping package provided.


Your dietitian will be in touch after your order is placed to schedule a consultation, send you paperwork and let you know that your test kit has shipped (if necessary). Results are typically received within 2-3 weeks.